Garage Door Installation Process for Manual and Automatic System

Are you thinking to install a garage door on your own? Think about it again because garage doors whether they are manual or automatic are challenging and hard to install. It is an extremely dangerous process that can give you injuries so; it is strongly suggested to hire professional garage door companies to do the project. You will find that manual garage doors are simpler and safer to install as compared to automatic garage doors.  But it all depends on your requirements. If you want to install a heavier wooden garage door, it would need an electric operating system to give it necessitate enormous strength to lift. Lighter garage doors can be operated manually. Do you want to know more about the garage door installation process, visit the link here

Although automatic garage door is the latest trend a lot of homeowners still prefer manual garage door for their houses. Aside from being easy to handle and install, you can easily lift it up with the handle. Well, it will limit the options as you should choose a garage door made from lightweight material. If you want to install a heavier wooden garage door, you will need an automatic operating system to lift and lower the garage door effortlessly and smoothly.

A wood garage door along with its cables and motor needs the support of an electric operating system. Definitely, you will choose a lighter option if you don’t want to install an automatic garage door but for the heavier garage doors, automatic operations systems are a must. Automatic garage doors are convenient and hassle-free to use which is why people prefer them to install. However, automatic garage doors come with certain potential problems. These garage doors are challenging and hazardous to install, maintain, and even repair on your own. You can easily shift your automatic garage door to manual operations in the case of a power outage.

DIY garage door installation poses some dangers that a professional garage door expert will face very real regardless of whether it is a matter of automatic or manual garage door. The project is more suited for those individuals who have proper knowledge and understanding of how the garage door works and a healthy respect for their potential hazards. In simple words, it is the right job for professionals. If you still want to install a garage door on your own, the maximum care should be observed.

  • Safety precautions for garage door installation project: 

Automatic garage doors are installed with powerful springs and restraint cables. These springs become weak due to the high amount of stress they endure from the opening and closing process. If the torsion spring breaks, it can cause serious damage and injuries around the garage. If you need to install the garage door torsion springs, please call your local garage door service providers. The Consumer Product Safety Commission stated that there are almost 30,000 garage door-related accidents each year. So, it is always wise to hire professional garage door installation services for your garage door.    

Common Garage Door Problems and Ways to Troubleshoot Them

Garage doors are designed to last longer but they will eventually malfunction and need the aid of professional garage door repair companies. You might have experienced one of the most common garage door problems. Click on the link to get more about garage door care to keep it in good working condition.

  • Cocked garage door:

A garage door that does not close completely on either side or seems to jam on its tracks may have worn out pulleys or frayed cables. In simple words, the operating mechanism of the garage door that is responsible to open and close the garage door is not fully functional on one side. An experienced and qualified garage door technician will sort out the issues and help you decide if you need a full replacement or just a few parts. In some situations, professional cleaning and oiling may resolve the problem at a minimal cost. 

  • Stuck garage door:

A jammed garage door that was stuck on tracks and will neither open nor close is caused by either bent tracks, worn-out springs, or broken cables. If you have broken cables, they will make your garage door springs inefficient to work. Before calling a garage door contractor, make sure that the garage door opener is not contributing to said problem. To verify it, disconnect the opener from the garage door and try to open or close it manually. If it does not work, try to replace the batteries first.

  • Loud bang:

If your garage door with a loud bang, then it has broken springs. These springs are usable for up to 7 years depending on the quality of the material they are created from. Don’t try to handle broken garage door springs on your own as it could be dangerous. Having professional garage door services to replace the broken springs ensure you do not incur a second job unnecessarily. Thus it is always good to call a garage door guy for springs.

  • Squeaking garage door:

If opening and closing of the garage door are completed by squeaks and loud sounds then dry running components such as, hinges, bearings, and rollers may be causing the issue. The problem of squeaks and squeals sounds can be avoided by performing regular garage door maintenance activities. Lack of lubrication can lead to sounds issues and unnecessary wear and tear to the garage door.

  • Garage door opens but not closes:

A garage door that opens smoothly but does not close can easily be fixed by just cleaning the photo eye of garage door sensors that are placed on the floor at the bottom of the garage door frame. A pool of dust or debris in front of the sensor’s eye can fool the mechanism assuming that there is something under the closing garage door. In this case, a garage door will stop and reverses as a safety measurement. If dirt eye is not a problem at all then garage door sensors may be misplaced. Call professional garage door repair services near you to align or replace the misplaced sensors.

Emergency Services by Professional Garage Door Repair Company

Don’t understand the importance of a functional garage door, this is why you will need to consult a professional garage door services like, Peachtree City garage door repair as soon as possible when your garage door is not functioning as expected.  After all, garages are the main entrance to your house and at the same time, they enhance the structure of your house and add value to it. 

Every time a garage door breaks, it is extremely essential for you to recognize the importance of regular garage door maintenance and repair. These services should not be chosen haphazardly. Choosing a garage door company that offers valuable and reliable services is actually an easy thing to get the best results. After all, not everyone can handle the garage door.

The best resource to find out the reliable garage door company is by browsing on the internet. You will find all of the details, contact information, and reviews from previous customers. You can also check the phonebook to get by. Some small garage door companies do not have online websites to promote their business but they have cheap rates instead.

When choosing a garage door service for the garage door, you should check the size, expertise, and manpower of the company. The ability to do round-the-clock emergency services is also an important consideration to choosing a reliable company. It is extremely important especially unexpected errors and faults can happen. If the garage door is damaged badly and needs a lot of work, you might want to consider the garage door replacement.

While shopping for the right garage door repair company, make sure that your chosen company also sends trained and qualified technicians and a fully organized service truck. It is true that you will not have the required tools in your garage and it will also help avoid unnecessary delays. Consider the knowledge of the expert technicians. Always choose a business that has trained and certified workers. These technicians should also have the right experience required to properly fix the garage door.

Hiring an insured, reputed, and licensed garage door repair company will be a sensible option. It will give you fast and quick solutions with the support of great workmanship. Make sure that your chosen company offers a warranty on the parts and services. It will ensure that all the errors are covered. If your garage door become malfunctions a short time after the fixes, the technicians will come back and fix them at no cost. If they need to replace the damaged parts with new ones, they will install new parts and replace the old ones at no cost.

Basic Knowledge about Garage Door Springs

Garage door springs are the essential parts of overhead garage doors as they are responsible for lifting and lowering the garage door. Every time you open and close it, the springs aided by the other components of the system, lift the garage door up by counterbalancing its overall weight. Although automatic garage doors are controlled and operated by an electric opener it is not the opener itself that does the actual lifting of the garage door. These are the springs that are responsible for lifting and lowering the garage door. You can consult professional garage door experts such as, Atlanta garage door spring repair to get more information about garage door springs.

Weight of garage door:

To get a better idea about how important the garage door springs are for your garage door. Let’s consider the weight and model of a garage door. Definitely, the weight of the garage door varies based on the size, material used, and insulation value of the garage door. a standard garage door may weigh between 100 to 150 pounds, a medium-sized garage door ranges from 200 to 300 pounds, and a larger garage door can weigh more than 400 pounds. To support the weight of the garage door, springs are used that should be strong, endure, and sturdy.

However, with the passage of time due to daily wear and tear, these springs eventually break and need to be replaced. Garage door springs replacement can be an extremely hard and dangerous process, this is why it is strongly suggested to let it to a professional. When you are going to buy garage door parts for your garage door specially the springs, it is suggested to choose high-quality products even though they may be costly than average items. It is essential for your security because this way you will actually save a lot of money in the long run. If you used springs with low-quality parts, they are likely to break down quickly and it will push you to buy new springs again.

Types of garage door springs:

There are two types of garage door springs. One is torsion springs and the other is extension springs. There are different models of springs based on the type and model of garage doors. Torsion springs are located above the garage door and they are likely to break first as they are responsible to counterbalance the weight of the garage door. They are normally made of galvanized steel and oil tempered. The strength of springs is determined by the width and length of springs, the size of wire that runs inside the springs, and its internal diameter. Some garage doors used two springs which are positioned above the garage door right in the middle of a garage door. In case, one spring breaks then the other can support the garage door to avoid potential injuries and damages. On the other hand, extension springs are found on both sides of the garage door along the tracks. They function by stretching when a garage door is opened or closed.

Garage Door Spring

The life cycle of springs:

Both types of springs have a specific life cycle described by the manufacturer. On average, garage door springs are expected to have 10,000 operating cycles. It means that you should be able to open and close the garage door approximately 10,000 times before the springs break. By maintaining the garage door springs, you can increase the life cycle of springs. You can take the help of professional garage door technicians in this regard.

Broken Garage Door Spring Repair or Replacement Project

Experiencing it hard to roll up your garage door? Are you unable to open or close the horizontal garage door automatically or smoothly? Then it is better to check the garage door thoroughly to determine whether it is still functioning or not.  In case, your garage door snaps, need to struggle to open, gets stuck through its rolling, or closes suddenly, one of the possible problems that might have caused the malfunctioning is the poor performance of garage door springs. The only resolution is to get garage door spring replacement services. Want to learn more about garage door springs, visit the link here

A garage door spring replacement project could help your garage door give better responsiveness and performance. Garage door springs have different lifting capacities, life cycles, and strange depending on the material of constructions. These are the helpful determinates in keeping track of the life of springs. If garage door springs have come to their end limit, showing these have exceeded the number of operations that they could open and close the garage door, then they would cause troubles when it concerns garage door operations.

Basically, you may conduct some tests to evaluate the life of springs especially if you have any technical expertise in handling home improvement projects and are familiar with the principles of the spring system used on garage doors. Otherwise, it is strongly recommended that never try to attempt garage door spring replacement on your own. Many accidents have been reported related to the situations as a result of garage door springs handled by unprofessional workers. There are even reported death cases. This is why; garage door spring replacement should leave to professional garage door technicians in order to avoid such accidents.

You should secure the garage door spring replacement project by hiring a garage door expert if required, so you could still have the assurance of safety and security. Without having a good set of springs, you could lose your treasured belongings as a result of burglary, and definitely, you don’t want it. Am I right? Then you should invest in strong, sturdy, and heavy-duty metal springs that will last longer and function well than those cheap quality springs that tend to break easily.

You may check a local directory or yellow pages to find out the reliable garage door service near you and request them regarding your garage door problems and garage door springs worries. Well, if you are a technical type person and have the capabilities to manage garage door springs on your own, keep in mind the following mentioned points:

  • Garage door safety is number concern. Make sure that you are aware of what is going on and what you are doing to handle it. Working with the broken springs can be dangerous. You should follow all the safety precaution while replacing garage door springs on your own. 
  • Make sure that you have brought a right type of springs. A garage door is equipped with two types of springs, the extension and the torsion springs. You will have to make sure that you are replacing the broken springs with the right one.
  • Don’t hesitate to call a garage door technician. If you run into troubles, call the garage door expert for assistance. They can save a lot of your money and troubles and avoid any potential problems that may happen.

Garage Door Torsion Spring Installation

As with all the mechanical equipment around your home, the garage door needs regular maintenance service to ensure that it continues functioning the way it was designed to. Unluckily, most homeowners are unaware of the fact that garage door springs tend to wear out like other electric and mechanical components of the garage doors. All the commercial and residential garage door setups need occasional maintenance services and safety checkups. Garage door torsion spring installation work is compulsory to maintain the balance of the garage doors during the opening and closing process.

To keep your garage door in tip-top position, you need to perform garage door inspection and lubrication work especially on high tensed parts such as torsion springs. They are one of the most critical parts of the garage door which is responsible for safe and smooth functioning. Garage door cables and springs are the most obvious culprits which need special focus when you are experiencing any issue either with the opening or closing process of a garage door.

Garage door torsion springs are wound tightly to hold a great amount of pressure. It is due to high tension that even the premium quality springs will depreciate and finally break. There is a chance of sudden breakage; this is why these springs have to be contained in order to avoid serious injuries and property damages. The containment is either in the form of cables or an outer steel tube. Even garage door springs are contained properly; it is still advisable to have them examined regularly by a professional garage door installer. Broken springs should be replaced with the help of experts.

Many overhead garage doors are installed with two large springs. If only one spring is broken, do not just replace the broken one. Both springs should be replaced at the same time even though the other one looks good or shows little signs of damages or fatigue. You will lose your precious dollars if you replace the broken spring only because the other one will not be far behind the other. In another case, you may experience that your garage door is creating chattering sounds or squeal noises when a garage door is opened or closed. It is not an indication that your springs are on last legs and need to be replaced. The problem can be fixed easily using a high-quality lubricant like, WD-40 or something similar.

Another clear sign which shows that the garage door needs maintenance and repair service is if it has frayed, chafed, or broken strips of cables. Regardless of quality and functionality, it is a clear sign that the cables are about to break. A sudden break of springs or cables could injuries which are quite serious. These cables and springs should be taken care of by professional garage door technicians who are properly trained and knowledgeable about the problems related to torsion springs and cables.

Since torsion springs are used to lift the heavyweight of a garage door, these springs are placed under extreme pressure making them dangerous to install and adjust. If you are experiencing that torsion springs are refusing to function, do not attempt to adjust them on your own. It is always beneficial to schedule a yearly checkup of your garage door by a certified garage door technician. It will help you to avoid risks of potential injuries and damages and give you peace of mind that your garage door will function safely and correctly in a long run.

Garage Door Insulation and Why You Need It

The garage is normally the biggest non-insulated place in your home but why would you need garage door insulation? Well, if your garage is attached to the house, then a non-insulated room can cause a lot of heat and cool waves to escape through your garage. You may want to use your garage for some DIY projects and other hobbies then the proper insulation can make a comfortable working environment.

Points to determine the needs of garage door insulation:

The biggest consideration while adding insulation to a garage door is the added weight but with the modern insulation material, it is not as big an issue as the latest insulation material is really light. It is good to confirm that the rails and garage door frame are not badly or adversely affected and the garage door lines up correctly.

Another important point to be considered is whether the insulation material that you are going to use is fire resistant. Many garage door panels are created with polystyrene foam which is a highly flammable material if not handled properly, therefore so not let the price consideration take hold over safety measurements.

Properly insulated garage doors will add value to your house if added properly and professionally. It also reduces the energy cost by maintaining the inside temperature and keeping outside elements away. Make sure that the insulation material you are going to use is long-lasting, high quality, and professionally installed.

Ways to install the garage door insulation:

  • Self installation with insulation material: It is the cheapest way to add the insulation to your garage door. You just need to buy the insulation sheets, tape measure, adhesive material, and cutting tools to cut the panels into correct size and then attach them to the garage door.  Make sure that you have brought the right material. It is suggested when you are in doubt, rather than pay more try another installing way.
  • Self installation with garage door insulation kit:  It is a little bit costly option but it may save you from a lot of hassle in a long run as these kits are often designed for specific models of garage doors and come with everything that you may need for garage door insulation. These are normally the guaranteed products.
  • Use professional garage door services: There are many garage door installers that can do this job for you. Make sure to ask for the references and guarantee on the products and material if you choose to go with it. After all, it is not a technical work, so if going with professional installer, make sure that value of services is greater than DIY project.

Due to global warming and temperature fluctuations, garage door insulation is a great way to save energy costs and make a comfortable environment within a garage. Make sure that you choose the correct material and the right garage door insulation procedure.

Basics of Garage Door Repair

Buying the right garage door is not a getting a cup of coffee. There are many important which you should keep in mind before choosing an efficient garage door. Depending on the size and material of the garage door and whether the garage door is located beside the main house, you will have to take a wise decision. There is a wide variety of garage doors from which you can choose according to your preferences, needs, requirements, and budget. You may want to have a tilt-up garage door or roller sections garage door. Click here to get some information about the garage door.

Most people are capable of taking care of several mechanical and structural problems with their garage doors while others still feel it hard to handle. If you are one of those citizens seeking the help of professionals, you can check the internet where a good number of certified and reputed garage door technicians are available. There are some garage door issues that can be fixed easily while others may need expert assistance. Here is some basic information about common garage door problems and solutions which can be adapted to fix the garage door. 

Garage door remote problems: When you observe that you are not able to open your garage door using an interior button or a handy remote device, you need to understand that the garage door problem lies with the handy device. First of all, try to change the batteries of the remote and notice if it works. In case, the problems still persist, then use the manufacturer’s manual to change the code and reprogram it. After trying all the possible ways, the only solution left would be buying a new garage door remote.

Obstructions of garage door: Sometimes the garage door does not open or close properly. There may be clogged panels and tracks behind the malfunctioning. Most garage doors run by sliding on tracks which enable them to move up, down, sideways. Due to excessive operations of the garage door, the track goes out of shape and stops the garage door from running smoothly. Some problems need professional assistance to make your garage door functional again. Garage door panels attract debris when the garage door rolls up and down due to the presence of grease. These obstructions can block the tracks of a garage door. You can fix these problems by cleaning tracks and removing the unwanted particles that disturb the smooth operations of a garage door.

If your garage door is experiencing a serious problem, then you need to hire a professional garage door technician to restore the performance of the garage door.

Emergency Garage Door Repair

Life has a lot of inconvenience and troubles that suddenly pop up. Faulty Garage door is one of them which may need immediate attention. To fix the problems, you may need to call an emergency garage door repair services.

Since garages play an important role for the protection of your cars and provide additional security to your house, this is why, it is essential that you have fixed it as fast as possible. Garage also functions as a great storage room and having a malfunctioning or opened garage door overnight might make you a victim of theft.

Most of the time, problems regarding a malfunctioning garage door are critical or mechanical. Sometimes, you will find it hard to operate the garage door or it could be stuck on its tracks, or the remote could not be responding the way it should. Whatever the reason, taking the fast garage door repair services is beneficial. It will need you to contact emergency garage door repair companies like, Pasco County garage door repair services as fast as humanly possible. It is definitely an effective and quickest technique to solve the problems. 

Since garage doors are the combination of mechanical and electrical components which is controlled by tiny parts, therefore, assessing the real problems behind the malfunctioning of garage door depends on the skills and experience of the technicians. Any minor glitch in the mechanism affects the performance of garage door so; you will have to consult a professional garage door expert to diagnose the real issue. Figuring out the right cause behind the malfunctioning could be a hard task, which is why consulting an experienced garage door technician is highly suggested.

While you wait for a professional help, it is considerable for you to check the operating system of garage door but don’t perform any tasks you are unsure of. It is good to check the basic stuff you are familiar with like, tracks, rollers, and panels. Make sure that they are working properly and stand in their good working position. If you are not sure, wait for the experts to come, forcing the garage door to open or close may cause serious problems and more harm. You may end up with burnt motor and more damages.

Common garage door problems that might encounter with your garage door might be the garage door not opening or closing properly, stuck garage door, or failed to open. These problems could be caused due to the limit switch. In this case, the limit switch should be adjusted or replaced. Another common issue could be garage door reversal before touching the ground. This could be due to the problem with the close force. To fix the garage door, you may need to adjust the closing force of it.

Well, waiting for a garage door expert is a wise decision because they know the ins and outs of the garage door mechanism. They also know what safety measurements should be taken while examining the garage door. It will also help you to avoid accidents and more damages. So when you experience any malfunctioning, consulting an emergency garage door repair company is a wise decision.


Choosing a Reliable Garage Door Repair Service

The garage door is something we use frequently and tend to not think about its maintenance until it stops functioning. The garage door is actually the largest moving equipment around your home. In case, the giant and heavy garage door become malfunctions, it may fall over your car, pets, or kids. When your garage door is not functioning properly, it may become dangerous at worst. Visit here to hire a professional garage door service provider to make your garage door functional and safe again.

The risk of choosing poor garage door service: You may think that all garage door repair services are created equal but it is not true. You should be extremely careful while making a selection. Otherwise, you could end up with several problems. If you hired someone who does not know how to do the work correctly, he/she may damage your garage door. They may overcharge you and break other parts of the garage door and tell you those need replacement as well. Or even worse, incorrectly handled cloud damage your car or injure someone around it. Don’t let yourself become a victim of accidents. There are several factors that should keep in mind to make sure that you are going with professional garage door services.

Check how long they are in the industry: You should look for a garage door company with a high turnover. If you choose an individual who is working out of the back of his truck, then he might be out of the industry when something goes wrong. Even if he gave you a warranty, he won’t be able to honor you. Choose a garage door company that has been in the industry for a while and has a good reputation in the market. This way, chances are there that not only will you get good services but they will also be able to back up their services.

Check their reputation with Better Business Bureau: The BBB is always a good platform to check the business reputation of any garage door company. You will be able to find out if they have had any complaints registered against them. It will help you in making the right decision. Here you will be able to find out if their previous clients have had good words about them. 

Get free estimation from multiple companies: How much will the garage door repair project cost? It is the first question everybody asks when experienced garage door malfunctioning. Each garage door has unique features so; it is hard to estimate a flat price without detailed inspection. It is wise to get at least four to five estimations for how much the garage door repair project will cost.

Don’t leave the safety of your family and property up to someone with no goodwill, skills, and experience. With a little bit of research on the internet, you will be able to find out the best, reputed, and professional garage door repair service near you.