Garage Door Springs Repair

The overhead garage door is equipped with torsion springs to facilitate it in opening and closing operations, regardless of whether the garage door swings up in one solid piece or rolls up in multiple sections. With the passage of time, these springs may lose their tension or break out which can be replaced or rewound easily. It is important here to understand that the danger involves in this work needs professional assistance. Do you want to get more details about garage door springs, Visit Here Right Now!!

Types of garage door springs:

As you know that garage door runs on the steel tracks connected to the walls of the garage. There are several types of garage door depending on the material with respective spring types like, torsion springs, extension springs, or a combination of both.

  • Swing-Up garage door: This garage door runs on the horizontal metal tracks which are mounted high on the walls of the garage. The steel tracks should be adjusted slightly down toward the back of the garage. The springs are attached on either side of the garage door frame and hooked to the bottom panel of the garage door. Even if the springs are good enough, it is worth inspecting around to find out loose components including screws, nuts, and plates which mount each other.
  • Roll-over garage door: In this category, the steel tracks are mounted in the curve shape from vertical to horizontal in order to roll the garage door up and back into the garage. In this category, torsion springs are used which are control through a cable and pulley system. These garage doors allow you to adjust the stress on your own by pulling on the cable and re-tightening the knots in order to increase and decrease the length of the garage door cables. 

Important note: It is good to remember that if your garage door has only one spring placed at the center, right above the garage door opening, it will give you severe injuries due to extreme pressure on them. Call a professional garage door expert rather than trying to fix it on your own.

Garage door spring repair services:

Even though replacing garage door springs is a challenging and risky project to handle on your own. If you feel up to the challenge make sure that new springs are the same size and diameter. You should be familiar with the winding bars. The store energy of winding springs can lead to dangerous injuries if you are not extremely careful.

There are many online tutorials available on the internet for garage door torsion spring replacement. But there are also some important points to keep in mind. First of all, close your garage door completely and disconnect it from the opener to stop the power supply. Place your wood ladder to one side of your garage door where you will have to work to avoid the way of the winding bars. Always keep a strong grip on the winding bars and then insert them into the holes of winding cones. Be careful and avoid over-winding the cone, it will make your garage door bouncy and under winding will make the operations harder.

Bottom line:

If you have any doubts about your capabilities, do not hesitate to consult a professional garage door technician to handle this project.

Information about Garage Door Repair

Although most homeowners feel like they can fix any equipment, this trend to be proven wrong more often than not.

Whether it is a matter of clogged toilet, leaky tap, or even an electric problem, husbands everywhere promise that they can fix soon but make their wives disappointed and force calling a professional expert. Definitely, ladies don’t have the right skills, stamina, and knowledge to fix the malfunctioning electric equipment around their home. The same rules apply to the garage door when it comes to fix or maintain it. Garage door repair is not an easy task. It is something which you should leave up to experienced and qualified experts. Here are a few important details about the garage door which you can discuss when you call a professional garage door services company like, Fairfield, CT garage door repair service to help you.

There are three basic mechanisms of any garage door that should be fixed and maintained. These are the motor, opener, springs, and garage door itself. These are the important pieces of garage door which should be kept fixed and maintained because they allow you to open and close the garage door smoothly. If you experienced any trouble with the operations of the garage door, or it is creating horrible sounds or getting stuck while opening or closing, there are few elements to check and fix right off the scene.

First of all, make sure that the motor of your garage door is plugged-in properly. In case, it is there; try to plugin somewhere else into the new outlet to ensure that the fuse has not been tripped. In the second stage, inspect the safety sensors to make sure that they are not blocked or bumped by dust or anything else.

These sensors should be aligned properly pointed to each other. A red blinking dot will verify that they are not misaligned or bumped. Thirdly, inspect the metal tracks to make sure that they move up and down smoothly. There are no dents or bumps on them and they are not clogged by dust or hard grease. And the metal mounting brackets are tightly secured to the wall of the garage. There is no loosening screw, nuts, or bolts within the brackets.  

Last, you will need to inspect the condition of the garage door springs. Confirm that they have required tension on both sides. If one of them is broken, don’t try to fix it on your own. It is a risky and complicated job that poses a risk of the spring snapping making your garage door come crashing down on you or your car. It is wise to leave this task to a professional garage door expert who has experience dealing with it. Since the garage door is heavy equipment; you don’t want to be responsible for the damages or injuries.  

These simple procedures will help you to decide whether you need to call a professional garage door technician. If you have accomplished above mentioned four steps, it will be easier for you to talk to the garage door expert and describe what is going wrong. Definitely, they will appreciate your efforts that you know what you are discussing and what you want.

Types of Garage Door Will Fit Your Home

Are you searching for a new garage door for a newly constructing home or replacing an existing garage door? There are many options available in the market to choose from.

A wide range of garage door mechanism ranges from up & over garage door to the side-hinged garage door, sectional garage door, roller garage door, and sliding garage door. Each type of garage door will have its own set of features, usability, advantages, and disadvantages. It is also good to conduct extensive search around to find out a perfect available option for you. For a detailed description of the advantages, disadvantages, and fitting requirements about the different available garage door, Visit here

What are the available options and what will be their fitting requirements? Since different garage doors are operated in different ways and they also have different fitting requirements depending upon their internet and external spaces. These specifications will help you to decide what will or will not fit onto your garage opening. The following mentioned is a brief guide that will support you to determine what garage door operating mechanism will fulfill your needs.

Side-hinged garage doors: It is a most versatile option among others. To install a garage door, first of all, you will have fit a frame and secondly provide enough space to operate the garage door outward. These garage doors are installed into two sections which will be of equal size. It will be created into one third to two-thirds size ratios.

Up and over garage doors: These garage doors need both spaces above the garage opening and inside a garage for the fittings on the sidewalls near the opening. In the case of standard-sized up & over garage doors, the opening will be constructed by about one-third of its length. These garage doors need overhead space while opening. A retractable up & over garage door does not operate outwards.

Rollers garage doors: These garage doors mechanisms are designed to be stored by wrapping around a drum which is placed above the opening. They occupy very little space as compared to other garage doors, that is why they are ideal for short spaces. These garage doors provide enough space above the opening. You will use this space efficiently.

Sliding garage doors: These garage doors need a track for running at the top and bottom of the garage opening. A special track is constructed to one side of the garage’s opening towards to wall where the garage door will store when it is opened. There are two main benefits of installing these types of garage doors. First, it needs very limited space above the garage opening and secondly, the track can be adjusted outside the garage along with the wall. It will be a versatile option if you have limited space.

Sectional garage doors: A sectional functions in a style of a sliding garage door; the only difference is that it moves upward towards the head of the garage opening along with a ceiling. It means that these types of garage doors need significant space above the opening but the areas on the sides of the garage’s opening will remain free from fitting.

Other famous considerations: It is good to make sure that your chosen garage door system will fit your requirement. Obviously, it will be your first priority but it is also important to make sure that the walls and ceiling should be constructed strong enough to handle the weight and stresses of new garage door installation.

Types of Garage Doors – Get Your Pick!

Since garage doors come with several types of materials to choose from, there are also several types of styles of garage doors available in a market.

There are two main categories of garage doors one is the sectional garage door and the other is the tilt-up garage door. Each category is divided into several branches of garage doors.  Canopy garage door, swing hung garage door, retractable garage door, and up & over garage door comes under the category of tilt-up garage doors. For the category of roll-up garage doors, the common types are overhead garage door, sectional garage door, and roller garage door. For more details about garage doors, please visit

Tilt-up garage doors are those which are designed to swing up to open and moves parallel along with a garage ceiling. These are the space-consuming garage door, hence ideal for larger spaces and commercial setups. Since it allows the garage door to swing up it gives a bigger entrance space to the car. These garage doors are also available with insulation features. Another common type of tilt-up garage door is the canopy garage door. When it is opened, it left 1/3 portion of the garage door hanging up outside the garage. It is operated like a common door and provides you maximum security. It is perfect for luxurious car parking and not recommended for automated features.

The retractable garage door is another tilt-up type that is recommended for spacious spaces. The magic of these garage doors is that they swing upward and moves parallel to the garage ceiling. You can park your car near your garage door as it goes out of the garage while opening but not too close. They are recommended for automated features. Other tilt-ups types of garage doors are up & over garage door and swing-hung garage doors. You cannot park your car too closely to your garage door. 

On the other side, the roll-up garage doors are those which run upward into a garage roof through a rolling system. They are space-saving types of garage doors because they do not consume enough space at the front of the garage door when it opens. These types of garage doors are recommended for small spaces. Oftentimes, they can come with automatic features through remote control. A famous type of roll-up garage door is a sectional garage door. As the name suggests, it is designed in multiple sections or panels. These sections move vertically in an upward direction as the garage door opens and store through a rolling system. They come with automatic features and ideal for short spaces.

The roller garage door is a common and famous type of garage door. These are the state-of-art garage doors that are operated through remote control. It means that you no longer need to get out of the car to operate your garage door. Also, it is best for space with a short drive path. Lastly, an overhead garage door is also another type of roll-up garage door. It uses a rolling mechanism to pull the garage door upward and rolls it onto a drum which is placed above the garage opening. It is an electronically automatic garage door to facilitate the easy opening and closing of the garage door.

Overall, there are multiple choices of garage doors to choose from depending upon your needs and demands. There are two basic categories such as roll-ups and tilt-ups garage doors. Inspect for a category that will severe you best and then choose a garage door which suit to your needs and requirements.